Singapore Airlines finally gets going on Twitter

Must say I was pretty amazed seeing Singapore Airlines tweet yesterday. Most of the big airlines have already realized the importance of twitter already and have hit the road in a big way (In my opinion Delta leads in this given that there responses are pretty quick and there are some other notable names that are doing a great job at this). I’ve always believed twitter to be an essential tool in the media strategy for the airlines rather than just simply being a platform for complaints and I hope they can put it to good use given that their website hasn’t been met with a great response and even after many months the issues still persist. They are a great airline but I guess they need to pick up on the customer connect a bit better than what they do right now. Singapore Air has been a late entrant in figuring out is social media strategy but finally seems to be getting its act together now.

Singapore Airline twitter account can be found here

Happy Tweeting Singapore Air!


  1. @SQ_USA is a country specific twitter channel and honestly speaking they hardly tweeted 50 odd times in these last two yrs. 🙂 @SingaporeAir is their generic channel for worldwide dealing, this is inline with the strategy other airlines follow to have major market specific channels and one generic channel.
    SQ now has a proper social media team setup which is actively managing the twitter and Facebook channels, although a late entrant among the airline giants. I hope that they keep up with this effort and connect much better with their passengers.

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