The fastest way to get through airport security: Courtesy Google Maps

Knowing things beforehand with a quick Google search is a boon for someone like me. I must admit that at airports at train stations I’m always the one who is hurrying around to make it for the flight and with ever increasing security checks things are only getting tighter. I am not the types that likes to come early to the airports for me the biggest enjoyments is the time in the air where I get to have my piece with no phones ringing (although that may be changing soon). So for me I always dreamt of a way whereby I could have a feel of the places beforehand just in order to save some time spent dashing around or maybe looking for the shop to pick up a souvenir or a request from someone at the duty free.

Google street view has started making my dreams come true by expanding its street view listing to cover 16 international airports and 50 train and subway stations worldwide along with the Hong Kong cable car. This is already in addition to the Emirates A380 “street view” that lets you experience the legendary first class with showers without having to spend top dollars for the same.

Check in at Madrid Barajas, ES

Image source: Google

Emirates A380 at Dubai Airport

Image source: Google

I have personally used the same to check out Barcelona El Prat and London Gatwick before my travels and I must say am duly impressed. Hoping to see more additions to this in future and that would surely be the fastest way to get through security. Although am yet to find any airport that can beat the quick times at Singapore’s Changi Airport where travelling is an amazing experience in itself.

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