Make the most of your credit card’s extended warranty

Most of us are so focused on the earning capabilities of our credit cards that we sometimes end up forgetting the not so visible benefits of our cards. One such sweet benefit is the extended warranty on our qualifying purchases. Over the years I have personally had the credit card provided extended come to rescue in times when my gadgets or daily drivers have suddenly died on me for no rhyme or reason. The important aspect is that the cards usually cover most of the purchases that we would make and would usually have their original warranty which would get extended with these provisions. You can find more details about it from the card issuers like American Express, VISA and MasterCard.

In case you guys also have an Apple product like me you can check out a detailed process to make genuine claims in this very informative post written by the guys at Cult of Mac here, although a similar process would typically apply for all the cards and any of the products covered by the credit card terms and conditions. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of your credit cards before making the purchase to use the right card for the purchase and register the product for speedier processing of your claims.

Have you guys ever used your credit card provided extended warranty? Let me know your experiences in the comments below.


  1. I used the credit card coverage provided from AMEX to cover the cost of a replacement hard drive in my desktop computer.

    A rep explained the process and told me to follow it exactly. I did, and I received a reimbursement for the hard drive purchase in 4 weeks. It was pretty straight forward.

    My husband used the coverage once before (but the item and the card type are escaping me). But again, no issue being reimbursed.

    I highly recommend that everyone read those terms and NOT purchase extended warranties.

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