Indigo named in the Most Innovative companies list

Ever since I took my first flight with Indigo in August of 2006, I have been charmed by their efficiency and how they have been very using their innovative solutions to ensure consistent profitability in the chaotic Indian aviation sector. Recognizing this fact IndiGo has been named on the Most Innovative companies list by FastCompany ranked in 9th place.

IndiGo has been at the forefront of innovation bringing in concepts like efficient fleet management and operational efficiencies which have yielded them excellent results and have also become the defining norms for every airline intending to operate in the Indian travel space which has traditionally been the fiefdom of mismanaged airlines like Air India, Kingfisher and Jet Airways. Now bear in mind that IndiGo isn’t like Ryanair of the Low Cost space because it isn’t always the cheapest but what it guarantees is its on time performance which they love to talk about proudly all the time and that is also what makes them garner so much admiration and traffic. India despite being a price sensitive market isn’t yet ready for the true low cost model given the unique challenges and differences in infrastructure and taxation regime compared to other countries.

You can check out the complete story here

Not to be left behind are the chic ads that IndiGo runs emphasizing there on time performance. You can check them out on their YouTube channel below.

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