Qatar Airways Globetrotter bonus 100,000 Qmiles and tier upgrade offer

Qatar Airways is running a promotion whereby you can earn up to 100,000 bonus Qmiles from April to December 2015 by simply travelling to at least one of the destination cities in each themed segment city during that theme’s offer period. You need to register for this offer by signing into your Qmiles account here. As per the website once you log into your account, “select “My offers” on your dashboard menu and register now or at least 24 hours before you travel.

The following are the cities that make up each segment along with the travel period:

The bonus Qmiles will be calculated based on travel cabin class and distance travelled to reach the destination. The chart for the bonus Qmiles calculation is as follows:

And that’s not all, at the end of the promotion if you have covered at least one city from each themed segment you will be eligible for earning 4 travel badges that will give you 100,000 bonus Qmiles and single tier upgrade and so on as follows:

In recent times Qatar has worked on bringing a lot of the bonus offers to keep up loyalty for its brand and make sure that it’s able to fend off competition from other Gulf carriers. The deal here is good enough to be taken benefit and I am looking forward to plan some segments in each travel period to get some bonus Qmiles which will definitely count towards building up status with the airline. Do note that Qatar is part of the Oneworld alliance hence its status gets you access to Oneworld privileges such as lounges and extra baggage allowance across all Oneworld carriers. More details about the offer can be found here

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