Save up to 60% on hotel bookings with DreamCheaper

All of us want to save money wherever possible when we travel and still be able to stay in the best of the available properties. Given that hotel rates vary based on demand and availability there is no sure fire way to know what is the right time to book. This is where DreamCheaper comes in to make our life easy. The service just needs you to setup your profile on their website and send across the complete booking details and it will try to find a better rate for you and rebook it automatically for you. What’s more is that the website claims it can help you save up to 60% on your hotel bookings although mileage may vary based on what and where you may have booked so tread with caution.

What’s really interesting is that DreamCheaper doesn’t need you to book on its own platform (although it recommends booking via It says that you can book anywhere and it will find a better rate for you across the web to take advantage of and cancel your old booking and rebook, but be mindful that some booking sites offer only non-refundable fares and hence you may end up losing money on this. While I haven’t tried the service myself, let me know if someone has and share your experiences in the comments below.

You can read more about how DreamCheaper works in the FAQ section here. Also note that the if the website is able to find a better rate for you, it will keep 20% of the savings as its commission and also it converts all rates into EUR hence Foreign Currency transaction charges may apply. In this case I suggest using a Credit Card with no Foreign Currency conversion charge. Check out the video below to see how the service works.

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