Singapore Airlines to sport new livery on its A380s

Singapore is celebrating its 50th year of independence and as part of these celebrations; Singapore Airlines has decided to mark the occasion by painting 2 of its Airbus A380s in the national colours. As per the press release from Singapore Airlines the jumbos will be painted in “the special livery, featuring a large Singapore flag-themed design on the fuselage.”

The first of the A380s to don the new livery will start flying in early June and the second in July. The Airbus A380s are expected to be donning the livery up until the end of 2015, and will be operating the routes from Singapore to Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, New Delhi, Shanghai, Sydney and Zurich. Also the two inboard engines would be displaying the SG50 logo on both sides. What has really got me excited is that the special livery A380 1:200 scale model and a limited edition 1:100 scale model would be available to buy from the Kris Shop in July.

The airline is also planning to run a bunch of other activities to commemorate 50 years of the Republic of Singapore throughout the year. Also as stated by the airline special SG 50 amenity kits will be made available in the new Premium Economy class which will be available starting August 9, 2015 which is also the National Day.

Some interesting facts about the new livery as stated by Singapore Airlines are as follows:


  • A special decal was used for the large Singapore flag-themed design, divided into about 50 panels for each aircraft
  • The printing of the decal took about five days, on a 24/7 basis
  • 12 rolls of decal materials were used, each roll being 1.2m by 50m
  • The total is about 720 sq. m, equivalent to nearly nine badminton courts
  • The amount of decal material used can cover 56 double-decker buses

Aircraft preparation:

  • To prepare the aircraft for the decal installation, the existing SIA livery had to be removed, by 12 staff working over a seven-day period
  • The aircraft was then painted white, by 10 staff over one day. Painting must be completed as a start-to-finish job, without interruption

Decal application:

  • The decal application took about eight days”

You can read more details about it in the press release here.



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