Jet Airways and airberlin to offer reciprocal benefits to their frequent flyers

Etihad has been very aggressive in buying stakes in airlines around the world and this has led to it setting up an alliance like network of its own known as Etihad Airways Partners. The biggest benefit of this partner network is like other airline alliances; you can easily avail reciprocal benefits and earn miles when flying each on a program of your choice. The latest of the Etihad partners to connect together to offer reciprocal benefits are airberlin & Jet Airways.

You can access airberlin’s web page for Jet Airways partnership here and Jet airways web page on airberlin partnership here.

Starting 1st of June 2015, Airberlin Topbonus and Jet Airways JetPrivilege members are eligible to earn miles on flights with each other and to sweeten the deal; airberlin is offering double miles on all Jet Airways flights undertaken until 15th of August 2015. Do note that you need to register first to avail this offer; the registration page for the offer can be found here.

I have a few flights coming up with Jet Airways that am thinking of crediting to airberlin to take advantage of the double miles promo and also make good of the miles needed to maintain my airberlin status which also helps me access Oneworld lounges across the world of which airberlin is a member.

Earning Chart for airberlin TopBonus members:

Earning Chart and additional benefits for Jet Airways JetPrivilege members:


  1. Hi. Does the effective date (June 1) refer to purchase date or travel date? Will I be able to collect miles if the booking date is April but the departure is July?

  2. You will need to register for the promotion first for earning double miles. I doubt that bookings made in April will earn double miles given that offer page says that bookings must be made in June 2015. You would still earn airberlin and Jet Airways points on each others flights no matter when you booked them provided the flights are after June 1, 2015.

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