Oman air buys London Heathrow slot for $75m

Oman Air is name that won’t be familiar to many of the travelers given that they aren’t in the league of the big Middle East 3 cousins namely Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways. But the airline has started flexing its muscles to show that it means serious business. As part of this, the airline has bought the coveted landing slot at London Heathrow for $75million from Air France-KLM, this beats the previous record of $60million deal done between American Airlines which bought the slot from Scandinavian carrier SAS.

Oman Air Airbus A330-300


Landing slots at the London Heathrow have become prized commodities with the early morning slots commanding the most premium with airlines targetting premium customers. The Middle east airlines have all been snapping up all available slots with an intention to bring in more customers travelling to the busiest airport in europe. Oman Air currently has an afternoon flight that lands at 18:15hrs at London Heathrow. with this amorning slot now the airline would be able to add a double daily flight that lands in the morning, giving the best possible schedule for its customers. Would you be flying Oman Air anytime soon?


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