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Google to enhance Maps with new data from Local Guides

Google has come up with a unique offer to make its Google Maps more information rich in terms of the local information that it offers. As part of this information addition to its maps, it is looking for signing up individuals who can review local businesses and provided their feedback which is then incorporated into the maps tool to provide tonnes of information for anyone who is searching for that place. As a enticement to sign up people the company is offering up to 1 TB of free Drive storage for people who it likes to call them as Local Guides. All the reviews that are part of this program are rewarded with points and the allocation is dependent on how thorough the review is; if…

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The fastest way to get through airport security: Courtesy Google Maps

Knowing things beforehand with a quick Google search is a boon for someone like me. I must admit that at airports at train stations I’m always the one who is hurrying around to make it for the flight and with ever increasing security checks things are only getting tighter. I am not the types that likes to come early to the airports for me the biggest enjoyments is the time in the air where I get to have my piece with no phones ringing (although that may be changing soon). So for me I always dreamt of a way whereby I could have a feel of the places beforehand just in order to save some time spent dashing around or maybe looking for the shop…

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Malaysia Airlines launches an app for Google Chrome browser

Malaysia Airlines recently launched an app for Google Chrome named MHquick, the App which is available for free in the Chrome Store allows you to search for flights, manage bookings and check out the Enrich Account details. Although the app is in Beta but it still is pretty nifty and easy to use. The App is available here. This app is the latest offering from the airline after launching their mobile site, and Facebook app. The OneWorld member elect is really ramping up its presence in the digital world with various initiatives and this is definitely a very good step in that path. I would really love more and more airlines to connect with their audience via social media as i believe it really helps them stay focused on their customers…

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Google Flight search is promising but still has a long way to go

Earlier this week Google launched its flight search , the groundwork for this feature had been laid by Google’s acquisition of ITA Software earlier this year. Immediately after the acquisition it was pretty clear that eventually this product will be integrated into the Google search functionality, the search results had already started showing the flight data but now Google has gone a step further and launched a full fledged search functionality (although currently they are only supporting U.S. and plan to expand to its footprint in the future. Here is my take on the functionality: Interface: Google as it is, is known for its simplified interfaces to make things easier for people. Full marks to Google for that. They have integrated many of the ITA search filters and…

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