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Malaysia Airlines offering 50% off on redemptions

Malaysia Airlines is running a promo offering 50% off on redemptions made from 18th to February 22nd, 2016. The travel period for this redemption campaign is from February 20th to May 20th, 2016. The London route is served by the Airbus A380s that the airline has and is also the only remaining route of the airline to the European continent. The discount does seem like a nice one but if you factor in the 15% online redemption discount that the airline already provides on its online redemptions and the atrocious devaluation that it did recently, the actual savings are ok at best. The flight schedules of the flights on which these redemptions can be made are stated below: For redemptions, members can log on to…

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The era of fare unbundling is about to hit full service carriers

Christoph Müller is an interesting man, the new CEO of the troubled Malaysia Airlines has always been known as a ‘terminator’ for his skills related to cost cutting by trimming workforce and brining airlines back to profit. He has done this successfully with Aer Lingus and Sabena in the past and he has already started that process at Malaysia Airlines by letting go almost 6,000+ employees of the airline. What’s really catching the eye though is his statements this week at the IATA Annual General Meeting in Miami about turning the airline into a “value airline” for its customers by offering customized unbundled fares where customers have a choice to choose what all features they and what they don’t. He has discussed about unbundling business…

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Malaysia Airlines and Air France to launch new A380 services

Malaysia Airlines is planning to start its A380 service from KL-London Heathrow from 2nd July 2012, As per the information provided at The 503 seater aircraft will be operating 3 times a week service initially and switch to daily service from 15th August 2012. The reservation for the same is open and the schedule will be as follows: Kuala Lumpur – London Heathrow MH002     KUL      2340 – 0550+1    LHR MH003     LHR     1200 – 0725+1     KUL The airline has opted for a 3 cabin configuration with 8 First Class seats on the Lower deck, 52 Business Class seats on the Upper deck and 96 Economy seats on the Upper Deck and 347 Economy seats on the Lower deck. For more details check out…

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Oneworld warms up for a busy 2012

Starting Q1 2012, Oneworld will get a big push in its network expansion with the addition of 3 new members from different geographies. Air Berlin from Germany, Kingfisher from India and Malaysia Airlines will give Oneworld reach into these new markets for the alliance. All the three airlines operate in markets which can prove really lucrative for the alliance, With Air Berlin already having established a tie-up with American Airlines the alliance has been able to get a foothold in the lucrative German market and get a good hub in the center of Europe the earlier hubs (Helsinki, London, Madrid and Budapest) covered up the European fringes, with this addition in the heart of the continent Europe is now well networked by the alliance. Kingfisher…

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Malaysia Airlines launches an app for Google Chrome browser

Malaysia Airlines recently launched an app for Google Chrome named MHquick, the App which is available for free in the Chrome Store allows you to search for flights, manage bookings and check out the Enrich Account details. Although the app is in Beta but it still is pretty nifty and easy to use. The App is available here. This app is the latest offering from the airline after launching their mobile site, and Facebook app. The OneWorld member elect is really ramping up its presence in the digital world with various initiatives and this is definitely a very good step in that path. I would really love more and more airlines to connect with their audience via social media as i believe it really helps them stay focused on their customers…

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Etihad launches code-share with Malaysia Airlines

Etihad Airways recently announced that they have entered into a marketing agreement with Malaysia Airlines where by Etihad Guests can now earn and redeem miles on Etihad marketed Malaysia Airlines flights, also to celebrate the launch of their partnership Etihad is offering 2,000 bonus miles for the first eligible flight on Malaysia Airlines between 15 September and 14 December, 2011. Malaysia Airlines has an extensive network covering 100 destinations across 6 continents which gives Etihad a considerable reach into new territories. The mileage accrual chart is as follows: Booking classes – R, I, T, N, G, Z, X of Malaysian Airlines do not accrue any miles. As of now online redemption is not possible and one has to route their redemption’s via the Etihad Customer Center, the redemption chart is…

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