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Baidu backed Qunar wants to do what?

There have been lots of exciting developments happening in the airline industry, be it cramped seating in economy class or the so-called best business seats. This news though beats everything out by a mile. According to this news article, Chinese on-line travel booking giant Qunar intends to start its own airline. The Baidu backed company intends to set-up this new airline along with two yet unnamed co-founders which will give it bragging rights to being one of the first Chinese on-line travel agency to be able to do so. This act can also be termed as a reaction to the acrimonious battle that the company had to fight against Chinese airlines about the extra charges and opaque refund policy for the tickets bought on the so-called flagship stores set-up on…

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Air China to launch Shanghai flights from San Jose

There seems to be a flurry of Chinese airlines applying to grab airline routes given the first come first serve policy that only allows one airline to fly a route, the notable exception being Air China which is the de-facto state airline. Air China has now gone ahead and applied for flying rights to fly from Shanghai to San Jose, three times a week. Given that both the cities have a huge technology centre connection, the flight may prove really popular. The airline intends to start flying using an Airbus A330 from June onwards pending Department of Transportation (DOT) approval. As one of Bay Area’s 3rd airport, this can prove to be a good alternative to flying to other airports especially SFO. Conclusion: Even though they…

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Air China to order Airbus jets worth 

As part of the local capability building roadmap, the Chinese government has been luring Airbus and Boeing to build locally by doling out large orders for their jets. The latest in this case is the huge Air China order worth $3.1 billion for Airbus A330 jets. The Chinese government agency COMAC has been trying to build jets on its but its effort have been more of test dummies at best which are still lagging behind the industry standard features and technology. IN order to jump-start itself into the big boys league of the Boeings and the Airbuses of the world. The government has used the large market potential to its advantage whereby its handing out large orders to satisfy its market need by making the…

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Chinese pilots told to stay away from vices this new year

China’s Airline Pilots Association has issued a wacky letter that is recommending its members to stay away from prostitutes, gambling and drink ahead of this year’s Lunar New Year holiday. The open letter which was published on an aviation website goes on to state that it expects all chinese pilots to keep up the safe image of its pilots who have flown 8.46 million hours last year on over 3.6 million flights with quite low accidental rate. It is interesting that an airline pilots association has to issue such a letter to rein in some of the bad apples who are bringing a bad name to the community. The association also careful to note that not all its members are involved in such activities and…

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Complimentary Silver Status and up to 30,000 bonus miles on Marriott stays

Marriott is currently running a promo whereby it’s offering complimentary Silver Elite status for new enrollments which will be good till February 2013 and an opportunity to earn up to 30,000 bonus miles to Frequent Flyer members of the following airline programs with a residential / business postal address in Australia, China, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam: Air China PhoenixMiles China Eastern Airlines Eastern Miles China Southern Airlines Sky Pearl Club Cathay Pacific Asia Miles KingFisher Airlines King Club Jet Airways JetPrivilege The enrollment link can be found here and the stays have to be completed at the participating hotels between 8 September 2011 and 31 January 2012. The Silver Elite membership brings with it the…

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