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Airbus A380 and Emirates, what the future holds?

The future of Airbus A380, the flagship model of the plane manufacturer from Europe hangs in balance. The only two factors justifying the jumbo are the need for transporting more people out of busy slot constrained airports such as Beijing and Heathrow and the Middle East airline giant, Emirates. The A380 super jumbo is lagging in sales and yet to make a profit for Airbus, hence the frame maker is not very keen on bringing in the neo version of the plane which has long been demanded by Emirates, the biggest customer of the aircraft with 140 of those birds on order. The airline has repeatedly said that it needs more of these jumbo to satisfy its need of moving more people around the world…

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Dubai Airport ‘flash mob’ is a really cool way to promote their new card

Dubai Airport recently launched the DXB Connect package product for travelers coming to Dubai or in transit, the package which consist of a prepaid travel card, a SIM card and discount coupons. The event which saw 55 dancers break into a well choreographed dance routine at the Sheikh Rashid Terminal has become an internet sensation and also seemed to have caught the passengers during its filming quite startled. Check out the video yourself at the link given below.

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