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Qantas halts operations in the wake of union strike

Australian national carrier Qantas has cancelled ALL its flights until further notice. This kind of reaction to a union strike is unprecedented and has effectively led to grounding of the entire fleet. The airline advises its customers that “customers booked on Qantas flights should not go to the airport until further notice and should contact their local Qantas office for further assistance”. Qantas Link and Jetstar flights would continue to operate as normal. This brings the Qantas management head-on with the striking unions which have been striking in demand for better wages. With this the battle is now out in open and it can be expected that the Government of Australia may step in soon to mediate between the workers and the management and will…

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Oneworld warms up for a busy 2012

Starting Q1 2012, Oneworld will get a big push in its network expansion with the addition of 3 new members from different geographies. Air Berlin from Germany, Kingfisher from India and Malaysia Airlines will give Oneworld reach into these new markets for the alliance. All the three airlines operate in markets which can prove really lucrative for the alliance, With Air Berlin already having established a tie-up with American Airlines the alliance has been able to get a foothold in the lucrative German market and get a good hub in the center of Europe the earlier hubs (Helsinki, London, Madrid and Budapest) covered up the European fringes, with this addition in the heart of the continent Europe is now well networked by the alliance. Kingfisher…

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Etihad to rollout Wifi on its European flights

Etihad is planning to roll out Wifi on its European routes from December this year, The initial plan as outlined by the Etihad CEO James Hogan is that they plan to have 2 aircrafts by the end of this year and a total of 5 by March 2012. The airline is in the process of identifying a fleet-wide connectivity solution as part of its future plans. Of the five aircraft to be part of the scheduled rollout, three of them will be Airbus A330-300s, which will operate between Abu Dhabi and cities like Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Munich and Paris. The airline plan seems to be to test the solution on these flights and then if the experimentation is successful, launch it on most of its…

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Etihad brings in changes to its Frequent Flyer program

Etihad Airways, the flag carrier of the UAE, announced changes to its Frequent Flyer program, Etihad Guest. The changes most of which come into effect from 9th October 2011 look to be fairly positive and are as follows: The mileage values for redemption and upgrades have been changed on a route-by-route basis, for example: redemption on flights between London and Abu Dhabi will be reduced from 120,000 miles to 110,452 whereas a First Class redemption between Abu Dhabi and Sydney will increase from 195,000 miles to 242,741, how they arrived on those wacky numbers is anybodys guess. From 21st September 2011 onwards  one can upgrade to First Class using their Etihad Guest miles regardless of the tier level of membership. All Economy class tickets would now be eligible…

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Etihad launches code-share with Malaysia Airlines

Etihad Airways recently announced that they have entered into a marketing agreement with Malaysia Airlines where by Etihad Guests can now earn and redeem miles on Etihad marketed Malaysia Airlines flights, also to celebrate the launch of their partnership Etihad is offering 2,000 bonus miles for the first eligible flight on Malaysia Airlines between 15 September and 14 December, 2011. Malaysia Airlines has an extensive network covering 100 destinations across 6 continents which gives Etihad a considerable reach into new territories. The mileage accrual chart is as follows: Booking classes – R, I, T, N, G, Z, X of Malaysian Airlines do not accrue any miles. As of now online redemption is not possible and one has to route their redemption’s via the Etihad Customer Center, the redemption chart is…

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