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LOT to let you buy tickets using bitcoin

LOT Polish airline has become one of the early adopters who would start accepting bitcoin as a form of payment. As per the press release, the airline stated: “LOT is one of the first airlines in the world to introduce payments with Bitcoins. That is how the airline responds to the needs and expectations of the ever bigger new group of clients who use this online currency on a daily basis. Bitcoins are more and more popular, and the number of places where they can be used for payment in constantly on the rise. It is possible to pay for tickets in such a way on lot.com, as well as in the mobile version and via mobile app. Transactions are convenient and fully secure.” You…

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The fastest way to get through airport security: Courtesy Google Maps

I must admit that at airports at train stations I’m always the one who is hurrying around to make it for the flight and with ever increasing security checks things are only getting tighter. I am not the types that likes to come early to the airports for me the biggest enjoyments is the time in the air where I get to have my piece with no phones ringing (although that may be changing soon). So for me I always dreamt of a way whereby I could have a feel of the places beforehand just in order to save some time spent dashing around or maybe looking for the shop to pick up a souvenir or a request from someone at the duty free. Google…

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The Beginning

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain So said the great man, who himself got most of his creative ideas during his travel adventures. I myself have been fascinated by the world of travelling right from a very young age watching the airplanes fly at the nearest airfield. This passion got its wings when I entered my corporate life and started flying around ever since I’ve been hooked, the miles the loyalty points and everything associated with it has become a part of my daily life and this where the idea for writing this blog sprung up from. With this blog I intend to bring up all the happenings for travel junkies like me covering specially the Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern…

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