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Kingfisher pilots pick up a unique form of protest

As reported in a business daily in India today, Kingfisher pilots have started a unique a form of protest against the company for the non-payment of their salaries since the last two months, the pilots have been announcing and I quote “it is their sense of duty towards the guest that is making them fly despite not being paid salaries for the past two months" The announcements which started this Wednesday on flights out of Delhi seem to be spreading to other flights too, The announcements which are a part of a wider protest by pilots after a deadline set by them passed without any payments being made. Some pilots say they now plan to wear black armbands while reporting for work seem to have…

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Kingfisher you could not make things any worse

Just when i thought that Kingfisher was at its lowest point, they made me realize that there was still so much to achieve, its been an eventful day for them, it all started with a simple web check in that i wanted to do for a very close friend of mine but every time i would enter the details and select and BOOM!!! the site would throw me an error asking me to check the Guest details and try again, I kept scratching my head for nearly an hour and it still didn’t budge, Next step i tried calling up their Customer Center and the thing was unreachable for a good 15 minutes and when i got through, guess what they tell me “Sir! We…

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Kingfisher enters Frequent Flyer agreement with American Airlines

Kingfisher Airlines has announced signing up a comprehensive frequent flier agreement with American Airlines. As part of the agreement, which covers the entire route network of both airlines, King Club members would be able to earn King Miles when they fly on any American Airlines flights. Similarly, frequent flyers of American Airlines would be able to earn AAdvantage miles when they fly on any Kingfisher Airlines flight. Going forward King Club members will also be able to redeem their accumulated King Club Miles to undertake travel on an American Airlines flight anywhere on their network. The agreement which comes into effect from November 1, 2011, will allow frequent flyers of both airlines to make the best possible use of each others networks. For Kingfisher which…

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Oneworld warms up for a busy 2012

Starting Q1 2012, Oneworld will get a big push in its network expansion with the addition of 3 new members from different geographies. Air Berlin from Germany, Kingfisher from India and Malaysia Airlines will give Oneworld reach into these new markets for the alliance. All the three airlines operate in markets which can prove really lucrative for the alliance, With Air Berlin already having established a tie-up with American Airlines the alliance has been able to get a foothold in the lucrative German market and get a good hub in the center of Europe the earlier hubs (Helsinki, London, Madrid and Budapest) covered up the European fringes, with this addition in the heart of the continent Europe is now well networked by the alliance. Kingfisher…

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Kingfisher’s air viability under question

As per Kingfisher’s annual report for the year ended March 31, 2011, the airline is in dire need of funds to keep going. Saddled  with huge debt and mounting losses, the airline has been finding it tough to raise money in the current market conditions. The airline had planned to raise $250-$350 million through an issue of global depositary receipts in January 2011 but it turned out to be a non-starter. Even though Kingfisher cut its debt through a restructuring by issuing shares to 14 banks which as of today own 29 percent of Kingfisher and has obtained approval from its board for equity infusion, the shareholders are highly worried about the operational sustainability of the airline which has led to  its market value slumping to under…

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