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The tough hotel choices

Such are the strange happenings in the life of a frequent traveller, I have been trying book hotels for myself for an upcoming trip of mine and it always brings me back to those questions that have troubled me all the time. “What criteria should I use to book my hotels?” “More points or better location?” “Better comfort or price?” And there are many more that keep popping up in my head all the while struggling with the abundance of choices to make… At times this points game just get to your head so much that they end up tearing you to choose from so many options available. In one way it’s good that it helps me narrow down my choices in many other ways…

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Room Key hopes to bring down distribution costs for hotel bookings

Room Key, the global hotel search platform created by six of the biggest hotel brands intends to change the way hotel bookings are done. The 6 hotel chains namely  Choice Hotels International, Hilton Worldwide, Hyatt Hotels, InterContinental Hotels, Marriott International and Wyndham Hotel Group have joined forces together to pool their and other independent hotel properties to create their own search engine which promises to offer the lowest possible rate, no cancellation charges and best of all you still get to earn loyalty points on these rates. The site which has been around since January 2012 and seems to be one of the ways where hotels plan to cut down on their distribution costs incurred while dealing with the Online Travel Agents, Global Distribution Systems and also with the growing threat of travel aggregators like Google…

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