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How Japanese Shinkansen trains get cleaned in 7 minutes

Japanese efficiency is world renowned and there have been many examples of it from the world class quality cars to robots and what not but have you ever imagined how do they manage the famed Shinkansen bullet trains that are rarely delayed and always so neat and clean? Well the answer again lies in the famed Japanese efficiency.  Tokyo Metropolitan Government has posted a video on its Youtube channel that details the 7 minute process that the operators have to clean up the entire train and make it ready for its next journey. The operators who are tasked to make sure every seat is clean do this in only 12 seconds per row which includes not only checking for lost baggage but also cleaning the train and using…

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ANA places $16.6 billion order for 70 planes

After months of hectic negotiations, ANA seems to have finally made up its mind to place an order for 70 planes worth $16.6 billion at list prices. The order consists of 40 planes for Boeing and 30 for Airbus. The Boeing order consists of 20 777-9X, 14 787-9 and 6 777-300ER and 7 A320neo along with 23 A321neo. The planes which will be delivered from 2016 to 2027 are aimed at replacing the existing A320/21, 737-500 and A320ceo. This is also the biggest buy in carrier’s history. Adding up to the previous total the ANA total orders for the 787 series now stands at 80. With rapid modernization, both ANA and JAL are trying to capitalize on the growth in the Asian markets and putting…

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