Priority Pass brings in a host of new benefits for its members

I recently got an update from Priority Pass, which offers access to over 600 lounges worldwide with its membership, that they have added a host of new benefits for their members:

  1. Priority Pass members can now enjoy complimentary Fast Track security clearance at the following locations:
    • Priority Pass cardholders and their guests who use No. 1 Stansted Lounges located at Gate 16 (for flights from Gates 1-19) and Gate 49 (for flights departing from Gate 40 and above – Ryanair International Flights) will be able to use the Fast Track channel through Security by presenting their Priority Pass card. Priority Pass members will just need to follow the Premium Departures after check-in, found on the left-hand side of the security lanes.
    • Priority Pass cardholders using the Salon VIP Lounge at Québec Jean Lesage International Airport, Canada can access to the Fast Track ‘Priority Lane’ by presenting a valid Priority Pass card and Boarding Pass.
  2. With the merger of United and Continental, the rebranded United Club Lounges except the Osaka Kansai International Lounge would be accessible to all members. This will also include the previous Presidents Club lounges in Panama City as well as Santo Domingo, which are now part of Copa Club lounges along with the one at Guatemala.
  3. As part of a member offer, Priority Pass members will now be able to take one guest for free at the Dnata Skyview Lounge, Geneva-Cointrin Airport, Switzerland from 1st November to 31st December 2011.

I’ve personally been a big fan of the Priority Pass membership and always carry it around during my travels and have found it extremely useful given that they have a big portfolio of lounges at almost every big airport that I fly to and would recommend it to anyone who travels a bit to get one as it really gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of choosing the lounge you like the best and relax during your layovers.


  1. I don’t have a PC membership because they don’t meet my needs in a couple of respects:

    (1) It costs a small fortune ($27pp) to bring your family into a lounge. This is a bit absurd as infants and toddlers generally don’t consume much (though I can understand why you’d disincentive travelers from bringing them into a lounge).

    (2) PP lacks affiliaAtes in critical airports that don’t have clubs such as OAK, BUR, SJD, as well as some that do such as OGG, LIH, etc. To be fair some airports have no clubs at all – but these are places where a lounge would be especially valuable.

    PC ought to consider expanding its business model to lease space in airports that don’t have a lounge option.

  2. 1. Priority Pass membership is complimentary with many of the available credit cards worldwide which allows you free lounge access.
    2. Priority Pass isn’t into the business of physically opening their own lounges, instead their model is simple to connect together different lounges for members to access thereby not having them to signup for various clubs separately. Leasing space themselves will be stretching their resources way beyond their capacity.

  3. For those of us that acquired a Priority Pass Select card via the AMEX Platinum card, we’re ineligible – see below.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Participating United Club lounges are not accessible to Priority Pass Select cardholders or Priority Pass members in the U.S. that receive their membership through a U.S. financial institution.

  4. For international Priority Pass holders nothing has changed, but for the US members Priority Pass launched this new category called Priority Pass Select where they cut down a few benefits given that the user base had grown way beyond than what they had expected, it’s just economies of scale at play.

  5. funny I was told by security @ Jean-Lesage, they the priority lane was for Nexus card holders & handicapped/stroller only. Note for Priority Frequent-Flyers.

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