JetBlue places firm order for 40 A320neo aircraft

Just saw it on the Airbus website that JetBlue has placed a firm order for 40 A320neo aircraft with an with an option to convert 30 of its pre-existing orders for A320s to the larger A321 model with enhanced wingtip devices called Sharklets.

This is a finalization of the order placed by the airline at the Paris Air show in June this year, with this finalization JetBlue currently has on order 40 A320neo aircraft, 30 A321s and 22 A320s. This is definitely a big win for Airbus and the A320neo aircraft which has proved to be a highly successful model for the aircraft manufacturer. With this now Airbus has a order backlog of about 1200 A320neo’s, which promise to be 15% more efficient than the current versions.

With a primarily A320 fleet JetBlue seems to be well focused on keeping a homogenous fleet which will help it keep maintenance costs at the minimal. As of now it seems Airbus is on a roll with Boeing not even seen in distant sight.


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