Kingfisher enters Frequent Flyer agreement with American Airlines

Kingfisher Airlines has announced signing up a comprehensive frequent flier agreement with American Airlines. As part of the agreement, which covers the entire route network of both airlines, King Club members would be able to earn King Miles when they fly on any American Airlines flights. Similarly, frequent flyers of American Airlines would be able to earn AAdvantage miles when they fly on any Kingfisher Airlines flight.

Going forward King Club members will also be able to redeem their accumulated King Club Miles to undertake travel on an American Airlines flight anywhere on their network. The agreement which comes into effect from November 1, 2011, will allow frequent flyers of both airlines to make the best possible use of each others networks.

For Kingfisher which is a member-elect of the OneWorld alliance this would really be a very important lifeline as these agreements will help in increasing the load factor of the airline which will really help it shore up its finances and improve its viability. In these past few days Kingfisher which has been rated as India’s only 5 star rated airline has seen a big hit to its image due to financial issues which have really hurt it bad. For Kingfisher its really a big test as to how well will it capitalize on these new arrangements and ramp up its finances if it really plans to survive and prove a definite competitor to other full service airlines.

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