Kingfisher you could not make things any worse

Just when i thought that Kingfisher was at its lowest point, they made me realize that there was still so much to achieve, its been an eventful day for them, it all started with a simple web check in that i wanted to do for a very close friend of mine but every time i would enter the details and select and BOOM!!! the site would throw me an error asking me to check the Guest details and try again, I kept scratching my head for nearly an hour and it still didn’t budge, Next step i tried calling up their Customer Center and the thing was unreachable for a good 15 minutes and when i got through, guess what they tell me “Sir! We do not have Web check in enabled for the sector” Damn you…. couldn’t you have simply put that on your website or as a step in the check in process? I mean isn’t that the first step in creating a user friendly website?

That said its not been a good day for the airline, first their Rs. 15 crore cheque to the Airports Authority of India (AAI) for paying airport related fees bounced due to which they have again been moved to daily Cash and Carry basis, this has really put their schedule into a mess and they still have nearly Rs 200 crore worth of dues to be paid to the AAI.

In a separate news with the recent outflow of Cabin Crew and pilots, the airline had to cancel atleast 12 of its flights yesterday leaving its passengers in lurch with no clear cut info provided to them, Out of more than 55 departures from Delhi, 12 flights were cancelled including IT 213 to Bangalore, IT 2312 to Jaipur, IT 4305 to Amritsar, IT 316, IT 320, IT 304 and IT 310 to Mumbai, IT 234 to Chennai, IT 812 and IT 802 to Hyderabad, IT 4363 to Pantnagar and IT 3344 to Bagdogra.

In addition the airline has decided to cancel 31 of its flights daily till November 19 which include international flights to Bangkok and domestic flights on some its major routes. you can read more about it in a post from fellow blogger Live from a Lounge here.

Its really bad times for the airline with employee morale hitting an all time low and the airline being run with no clear direction from the management and if the slide continues at this rate it is really doubtful that the airline would survive to join the OneWorld alliance at all. I’m really glad that i burnt up all my King Miles before the rot set in and nowadays try to avoid flying with them as much as possible. Lets hope that some good sense dawns on the airline management and they can work to restore the airline back to its glorious days.

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