Air India moves to Boeing 787 Dreamliner on the Delhi Singapore route

With an eye on the lucrative Australia transit traffic that plies on the Delhi-Singapore-Australia network, Air India has introduced the Boeing 787 on the Delhi-Singapore route.

Air India is upgrading the service with the double-aisle Dreamliner and increasing passenger capacity compared to the single-aisle Airbus 319 now. The Dreamliner will carry 18 business class passengers and 238 economy class passengers besides much increased cargo and baggage carrying capacity. This capacity addition with the code share with Singapore Airlines is definitely going to bode well for the beleaguered airline.

With the impending entry to Star Alliance, these moves by Air India is a clear indication that the airline is trying to align itself with its partner airlines and thereby make sure profitability on the routes that it plies. Saddled with huge debt which is being covered by a government equity infusion, the airline is taking strong steps to make sure that it gets into better health. Whether it is firing flight staff that turns up late for flights to improving its on-time performance. The airline is definitely progress, what remains to be seen is how strongly it keeps pushing these changes.

The airline is offering special inaugural discounts on this route when you book through their website. The offer is valid with immediate effect till 4th April 14 and for travel from 20th March till 30th April 14.

The schedule of the flight is as follows:

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