What would you do when a plane makes an emergency landing?

Earlier this week a Turkish airlines flight TK726 overshot the runway at Tribhuvan International Airport in Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu before landing to the right side. The A330-300 experienced a nose gear problem and went skidding all the way. All 224 passengers on-board the plane were evacuated.

A passenger seems to have shot the video of the events after the emergency landing you can watch the same below:


  • You can clearly see people carrying their hand luggage all around in the video, this is a clear violation of the emergency evacuation guidelines that I’m sure we all have been made aware of as part of the safety video that is broadcast for our benefit before a flight takes off.
  • People are busy capturing the incident on camera instead of heading for safety, why people why? Why would you risk your life doing that. What if the plane caught fire?
  • No proper securing of the area by the authorities to prevent any untoward incidents. Reminds me of the action taken at most of the airports whereby the first action is to cordon off the site to make sure that access to emergency vehicles is cleared.
  • There seems to be no trained people to handle the situation and bring and order to the chaos. It seems a free for all, even the staff there seems helpless and clueless about how to manage the people and what next steps to undertake.

I find it really disturbing that the authorities and the passengers seem to be paying least amount of respect to safety and openly violated safety norms that are put in place to save their lives. Nepal is already on the list of FAA which bars any Nepalese airlines from flying to the USA but this video shows just how bad the situation and disaster management on ground is. I guess its time some action is taken to train the people on various aspects out there and make sure that such kind of situations are managed more effectively.

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