AMEX and Toronto Pearson in a unique partnership

AMEX privileges itself on exclusivity, doesn’t matter whether it’s exclusively high transaction charges or the amount of privileges it offers to its customers. I am a big fan of AMEX and enjoy the way they offer such a unique outstanding experience to their customers. Their Membership rewards program is one of the best programs to earn miles and avail related benefits such as AMEX lounges and Travel benefits.

Continuing with the theme is the partnership AMEX has forged an exclusive partnership with Toronto Pearson airport whereby to market itself and show what special it has to offer across the range of its products. AMEX is offering free downloads of e-books, Wi-Fi to all the airport passengers, exclusive lounge access which is similar to the AMEX lounges that have sprung up worldwide, priority lanes for hailing taxis and limos and last but not the least the most important benefit of having a dedicated immigration lane for its card members that guarantees them a quick and seamless experience. More details about the benefits can be found here and here


Somehow AMEX has decided to name its service Cloud 10 maybe to show it’s a notch better than being on cloud 9? Whatever it maybe it just sounds a bit tacky. I wish they could think of something more relevant. Has anybody used the AMEX services at Toronto Pearson? Let me know about your experiences in the comments below.



  1. Was able to test this feature this past weekend while passing through yyz. Internet was quick and reception was great all around the airport.

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