ANA brings Star Wars themed jet on the B787

You may have seen EVA Air Hello Kitty jet, the Air New Zealand All Blacks and many more but nothing beats the charm of a seeing a Star Wars jet come to life. ANA has decided to paint its upcoming B787-9 in the R2-D2 theme, this project is part of the 5 year ANA strategy which will help ANA connect Japan to the other global locations via its expanding network. The airline intends to start flying the jet starting this autumn.

The campaign page for the ANA Star Wars project which has more details about the idea can be found here

ANA also has a neat technical page explaining all the battery issues and the subsequent work done to make sure safety of the passengers on the B787 that you can check out here

ANA said on its YouTube page the following:

The R2-D2 motif is also a great match to ANA’s blue logo and design that appear on the main fuselage. The R2-D2 character has a reputation for strong, reliable service—one of the hallmarks of ANA’s 5-star quality service.”

You can check out the video posted by ANA about the new jet livery here

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