Singapore Airlines A350 starts taking shape

Airbus has been all gung ho about their A350 production plans. As of now it’s only their launch customer, Qatar Airways that flies the A350 and very soon Vietnam Airlines and TAM will be taking the delivery of its own. One Mile at a Time reviewed the A350 including the inaugural flight and you can read about it here and here. Today Airbus posted about the first A-350 XWB for Singapore Airlines that’s come onto the production line. Singapore Airlines is one of my favorite airlines and am really excited to see how this fabulous plane is going to turn up when they start flying it, with their unmatched service levels and the new generation technology it’s definitely going to be a great experience.

After the Boeing Dreamliner, the A350 is the second plane that’s being built using composite materials. Airbus touts many of the new features that it’s incorporated in this plane that make it different from others; you can read more about them in the info-graphics about the technology innovations and the flight experience. One big advantage that Airbus has had is learning from the teething issues Boeing had to face ever since the launch of its Dreamliner model especially the battery fire incidents that grounded the whole Dreamliner fleet around the world for months. Hopefully Airbus is able to make good of these lessons and ensure that the A350 doesn’t suffer similar service issues. Have you had a chance to experience the A350 yet? If yes how has your experience been? Hit the comments and let me know your thoughts.


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