United plane makes a sudden turn back at the most unexpected stages of takeoff

There have been media reports stating that United flight UA83 from New Delhi to Newark had to make an unexpected turn back right when it was taxiing on its way to take off. Airport authorities seem to have requested for the plane to come back to the boarding to pick up two passengers who are reported to be denied entry into India.

This strange sequence of events doesn’t come without its share of controversy, on one hand where Indian authorities are denying that they were the ones who requested the plane to turn back. United in other hand is staying mum about confirming any details although it acknowledges the incident. Flights bound to the USA undergo multiple level of security checks before takeoff post 9/11 and hence have often been subjected to long delays, this makes it all the more bizarre about why would the flight turn back and get delayed for nearly an hour for picking up just two passengers who could easily be accommodated on another flight. Not only does this not make any economic sense given that a plane fully powered and ready to go has to turn back and lose precious fuel burnt in this process not to forget the frustration that it causes to the crew and passengers alike.

Although nothing has been confirmed about the passengers in question but it definitely seems like the passengers had either very strong reason or they came with “influence” that forced the plane to come back to he gate. Whatever maybe the reason airline passengers still end up suffering for no fault of theirs.


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