Hipmunk launches new Trip Planning tool

https://www.hipmunk.com/Hipmunk is one of my favourite travel sites that I often use to find the best suited flight for me. The travel portal has pioneered the concept of ranking flights based on “agony” which I find very interesting and useful for people who specially travel long-haul or on connecting flights. Hipmunk has now launched a tool called Trip planning that helps manage the tedious process of planning all details of your trip such as hotel and flight bookings all in one place and in an easy to manage format. I can’t emphasize how important this feature proves to be specially in situations where you have to make multiple bookings for your trip and all that jumble of figuring out dates and everything can make your mind go haywire sometimes ending in wrong booking with either wrong dates or locations and this can end up spoiling your dream vacation even before it gets started.

The new feature allows the following activities to be managed under one application:

  1. Trips: lets you group all your searches for hotels and flights and group them under a heading making a complete trip itinerary stitched together from multiple bookings you choose to put together.
  2. Favourites: Like a particular itinerary that you may want to use again in future? This is the feature that will come to your help.
  3. Cross Platform access: Nowadays almost every app allows you access on various platforms such as laptop, mobile and what not so when you create an account with Hipmunk all your data can be accessed from any one of the available channels.
  4. Activity manager: This is like the long list of all the trips that you have undertaken that you may search to find out something easily whether it’s for expensing or just remembering when you travelled where.

Have you used Hipmunk’s new trip planning tool? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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