A320neo facing production issues?

Airbus’s top seller seems to be facing some production issues even before it can be inducted by the airlines in their fleet. Initially news came in about Lufthansa being the launch customer for the aircraft replacing Qatar. Now we are hearing that Indian customers, Indigo and GoAir have also expressed reservations about the delivery schedule of the A320neo aircrafts. The airlines have commented that they are not confident about when will Airbus be able to start the deliveries of the latest generation aircraft to them. Indigo which is the largest acquirer of the aircraft model seems to be hit hardest should these delays pile up. The major cause of these issues is the new Pratt and Whitney engine which has been blamed to be having issues during starting phase leading to few minutes of idling time before its fully operatable. What remains to be seen is about how fast can Pratt and Whitney give the software and hardware fixes to resolve this issue before it turns into a bigger fiasco for the engine maker and Airbus. A  JPMorgan Chase & Co. analyst report has already stated that the fixes now proposed may also affect the efficiency claims for the aircraft which maybe a big dent on its reputation given that Airbus has promised up to 15% fuel savings and this has been the biggest selling pitch for these aircraft.

What do you think, will this issue change the scales for the Airbus A320neo and prove to be its nemesis or will it just be a regular issue that we always see when a new aircraft is introduced? Let me know your views in the comments below.

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