Air Canada flight diverted twice!

An Air Canada flight from Frankfurt to Toronto  had the misfortune of being diverted to London’s Heathrow airport twice on the same day in a matter of hours. According to the news article, the flight AC 873 on 3rd March 2016 took off from Frankfurt and right when it hit the UK shores, the crew detected an electrical odour and pilots declared an emergency and landed at the Heathrow airport for further checks. On being cleared for take-off after no issues were found, the plane took off again only to return back to Heathrow with the same issue.

This must have been a great inconvenience for the passengers and a huge cost for the airline also as they ended up accommodating all the 336 passengers on-board the flight until the replacement aircraft and crew arrived. Coming on the heels of another incident where a Vancouver bound flight AC549 suffered a 10,000 feet drop due to pressurisation issues and had to make an emergency landing in Toronto.

Air Canada hasn’t been in the top lists for passenger comfort and definitely the Aeroplan devaluations and fuel surcharges have made it less preferable choice overall but these incidents are definitely not helping the airline in any way.

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