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What does DGCA report reveal about state of India based airlines?

India based airlines can rarely be classified as truly low-cost carriers (LCC) and this is due to a mixture of the following facts: Government policy which does not allow spilt up pricing of each part such as baggage and other add-ons similar to what the Ryanair’s and Air Asia’s of the world do. Lack of availability or permission to use secondary airports where airport charges are a fraction of the big airports. It is due to continued policy paralysis that hasn’t allowed development of new airports in decades and has disallowed any up-gradation of other airfields that could be used by such carriers. Instead the government has always played catch up by using airstrips meant for defence use which results in further congestion and lack…

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The era of fare unbundling is about to hit full service carriers

Christoph Müller is an interesting man, the new CEO of the troubled Malaysia Airlines has always been known as a ‘terminator’ for his skills related to cost cutting by trimming workforce and brining airlines back to profit. He has done this successfully with Aer Lingus and Sabena in the past and he has already started that process at Malaysia Airlines by letting go almost 6,000+ employees of the airline. What’s really catching the eye though is his statements this week at the IATA Annual General Meeting in Miami about turning the airline into a “value airline” for its customers by offering customized unbundled fares where customers have a choice to choose what all features they and what they don’t. He has discussed about unbundling business…

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Etihad all set for its India push

Etihad is trying to make the most of the bilateral pact signed between India and Abu Dhabi that allows it to expand the current allocation of 13,600 seats on flights between the two countries to a whopping 50,000. In a statement made by the airline, it stated its intention to use a wide-body Airbus A340-600 aircraft on one of the two daily flights to Mumbai and the wide-body A330-200 aircraft on one of the two daily flights to Delhi. Not only that ,the airline will also operate a larger aircraft which can seat 174 passengers instead of the 136-seater deployed currently on its daily flight to Chennai. This capacity increase is going to be in addition to the Jet Airways flights that will now be using…

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Air Asia to discontinue flights to Europe and India

Malaysian long haul carrier Air Asia X has planned to scrap its unprofitable routes to Europe and India. The carrier that is planning to list itself in the near future independently from its low cost pioneer parent Air Asia, is ceasing operations to Mumbai from January 2012, while services to New Delhi, London and Paris will cease in March 2012. The airline is citing weak European economy/reduced demand, continued high fuel prices and high airport and government taxes including 1 Jan 2012 carbon tax as the reasons for discontinuation of its services. London and Paris were the only European destinations that the low carrier was flying and this effectively puts an end to its ambitions to fly to those sectors unless the current European crisis…

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