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Asiana flight crash lands at Hiroshima airport

Wall Street Journal has reported that an Asiana flight OZ162 flying from Seoul to Hiroshima crash landed at Hiroshima airport. The plane, an Airbus A320 was carrying 73 passengers and 8 crew members of whom at least 18 people sustained minor injuries. The plane which after hitting multiple communication towers on its approach to the runway, came to rest near the runway thereby shutting down the entire airport until further notice. This is the latest in the string of series of incidents for the troubled airline which has grappled with improving its pilot training to and other related security rules in the wake of the findings from the previous incidents. Two years ago an Asiana Boeing 777 flight to San Francisco crashed while trying to…

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Airbus scores big with $15b worth A320 family orders

Airbus has been having runaway success in the single aisle category with its A320 family planes garnering a lion’s share of the market. The recent deals worth $15 billion is due the booming asian market with the Chinese carriers Qingdao Airlines and Zhejiang Loong Airlines along with BOC Aviation and Vietnamese operator Vietjet placing a combined order of 160 planes. Vietjet, the only private airline in Vietnam that flies internationally, has been flying since December 2011 with a fleet of nine jets including the fuel-saving A320 with “Sharklet” wingtips. It is the only private airline in Vietnam that offers domestic and international flights. The deals, once confirmed, will bring Airbus beyond the 1,000 aircraft order book. This is already equivalent of the number that the company…

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JetBlue places firm order for 40 A320neo aircraft

Just saw it on the Airbus website that JetBlue has placed a firm order for 40 A320neo aircraft with an with an option to convert 30 of its pre-existing orders for A320s to the larger A321 model with enhanced wingtip devices called Sharklets. This is a finalization of the order placed by the airline at the Paris Air show in June this year, with this finalization JetBlue currently has on order 40 A320neo aircraft, 30 A321s and 22 A320s. This is definitely a big win for Airbus and the A320neo aircraft which has proved to be a highly successful model for the aircraft manufacturer. With this now Airbus has a order backlog of about 1200 A320neo’s, which promise to be 15% more efficient than the…

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Qantas seals the largest aircraft order in Australian history

As announced by Qantas earlier in August 2011, Qantas and Airbus have sealed a contract for 110 Airbus A320 aircraft which makes it the largest order in Australian aviation history. The deal is a combination of 78 of the A320neo aircrafts which are scheduled to join the service from 2016 onwards and 32 A320s, which will be delivered to the carrier starting 2013. The A320 and the A320neo which have proven to be a bumper product for the Airbus group and have generated substantial order book for Airbus are intended to be used on both the short and medium haul domestic and international routes for the carrier’s low-cost venture in Japan, Jetstar Japan, and the new Asian-based premium carrier whose regional base is currently pending…

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