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No KrisFlyer elite miles on Virgin Atlantic flights

I just received a communication from Singapore Airlines informing that starting 1 July 2016, KrisFlyer members will not be able to earn any KrisFlyer élite miles on Virgin Atlantic operated flights between the Americas and Europe. You are although eligible to earn KrisFlyer élite miles on the rest of Virgin Atlantic’s non-transatlantic flight network. Do note that KrisFlyer élite miles count towards your KrisFlyer status and are different from the redeemable miles accrued via travel and credit cards etc. I see this as a fallout from the Delta trying to exert more control over the lucrative trans-Atlantic sector run by Virgin in direct competition with British Airways. With the latest announcement of aligning of Delta and Virgin schedules between this route, this fallout was inevitable.…

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American and Delta to scrap the interline agreement

Delta and American have decided to end their interline agreement that allowed them to put their passengers on each other’s flights during irregular operations (IRROPS) situations. With this change, now passengers of two of the biggest airlines have reduced number of options available to them for being accommodated onto other flights. Not only is this going to make things inconvenient during times where weather plays havoc but it may also end up to longer wait times and connection issues in many cases. I can understand why Delta wants to end this relationship; they have been harping about their on-time performance and have been a making a killing with low fuel prices driving up their sales and profitability. On the other hand American has been playing…

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Singapore Airlines finally gets going on Twitter

Must say I was pretty amazed seeing Singapore Airlines tweet yesterday. Most of the big airlines have already realized the importance of twitter already and have hit the road in a big way (In my opinion Delta leads in this given that there responses are pretty quick and there are some other notable names that are doing a great job at this). I’ve always believed twitter to be an essential tool in the media strategy for the airlines rather than just simply being a platform for complaints and I hope they can put it to good use given that their website hasn’t been met with a great response and even after many months the issues still persist. They are a great airline but I guess…

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