Awardwallet to stop providing AAdvantage mileage updates

Just got this interesting mail from Awardwallet stating that they will be purging the American Airlines data from their systems in order comply with the American Airlines cease and desist order, the hugely popular loyalty program site which almost every frequent flyer uses as a one stop shop for tracking all their loyalty account balances has stated that they will remove all American Airlines account details starting Dec 4, 2011.

The site plans to bring out a browser plugin for checking the AAdvantage account info right in your browser with all the AAdvantage data stored in your browser itself, you can sign up for the beta for the same here. I’m not very comfortable with the thought of having a browser extension store my important data but maybe I’m being paranoid here. Also the plugin would not be supported for all browser version so either you get the compatible one or stop tracking the AAdvantage account info with them.

I really hope that American Airlines gets back to its senses and stops creating this ugly mess, after all no one would like to go through logging into the website to check the individual balance for them when they can do it all in just one place with just a click of a button.

I mean really what does American intend to gain by doing this, publicity, sure they will but this is a pretty bad one and specially when you are undergoing a bankruptcy a move like this definitely wont please your most frequent flyers which are your biggest source of revenue.

You can read more about this on the Awardwallet FAQ page here and post your queries here.


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