Kingfisher pilots pick up a unique form of protest

As reported in a business daily in India today, Kingfisher pilots have started a unique a form of protest against the company for the non-payment of their salaries since the last two months, the pilots have been announcing and I quote “it is their sense of duty towards the guest that is making them fly despite not being paid salaries for the past two months"

The announcements which started this Wednesday on flights out of Delhi seem to be spreading to other flights too, The announcements which are a part of a wider protest by pilots after a deadline set by them passed without any payments being made. Some pilots say they now plan to wear black armbands while reporting for work seem to have left the passengers wondering as to how long can the airline survive if things continue the same way.

The announcements don’t seem to break any protocol as such as the same happened after the aircrafts were parked but may very well invite disciplinary action from the airline, but in the current situation I guess they really have no choice, the airline which is undergoing considerable financial stress has already been put on cash and carry by most of the Indian airports and also Oil companies for non-payment of their previous dues, also with the Service tax authorities freezing their accounts today, the situation is turning out to be grim. It’s only a matter of days now before the airline either shuts down shop or gets some big ticket investor to invest in it. Till then the passengers can only hope that the airline keeps flying for their booked itineraries.

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