Hyper, an app that lets you book travel over chat

Most of the times we try to book your travel on the phone with agents because it gives us a sense personalization and ease. The more tech savvy book online. But what if you could book just by chatting? Well that concept seems to have caught a fancy of this new start-up named Hyper which intends to use these automated bots to help you book your travel via chat, email or SMS.

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Image Courtesy: Hyper

So you must be thinking how does this service works? Well long story short, the app asks you for providing your travel requirements and based on that it goes out looking for the best possible match for your requirements and provide you with available options from which you can make an informed choice. Currently the app is only available for iOS and has a free individual tier. while I see how easy it can make the whole travel booking experience but the bigger audience is definitely for businesses and enterprises specially the small business for whom it will make it a very convenient option. What would definitely be interesting for small businesses is the competitiveness in rates that would be offered via the services compared to other similar providers.

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Image Courtesy: Hyper


I must say am intrigued by the service and do want to give it a spin. What is your take on this? will you be giving it a try? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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