Thai Smile to allow Luk Thep dolls to travel as passengers

I have seen people struggling with the ground staff to bring in many things as their carry on baggage but how about dolls? Apparently if you go by this Bloomberg story, Thai Smile which is a subsidiary of Thailand’s flag carrier Thai Airways is contemplating a move that will now allow passengers to buy seats for their super sized dolls  which are known as Luk Thep which is Thai for Child God. Apparently there is a belief that these dolls have supernatural powers that serve as protection from harm for their owners and act as good luck charms inviting good fortune and blessings.

The dolls have not only been endorsed heavily by celebrities which have not only helped make them very popular but have also spawned a range of fashion related trends for them leading to a totally new market for certain brands locally. You can find celebrities posting their pictures on various social media outlets with their dolls dressed in the most trendiest fashion style. The airline has promised that it will treat the dolls just like it treats other passengers during flights, offering them snacks and making them follow similar rules that would apply to passengers normally.


I can understand that the airline has to take this step given that many people have resorted to carrying these dolls with them during their trips as carry on baggage which was causing some issues for the airline to deal with. What remains to be seen is about how many people would be willing to pay for seats for such dolls? What is your take on this phenomenon?

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