Now Qatar wants to claim the longest flight crown

In this race to run the longest flight in the world everyone wants to score the brownie points. Qatar Airways has jumped into the fray now and wants to run the world’s longest flight. As per the The Telegraph’s report, the airlines intends to run the flight from Doha to Auckland which would be a 9,032 mile flight beating the current record holder Dallas-Sydney flight which is a cool 8578 miles and takes 17hrs.

gcdist longest flight qatar

Now I know you would say that Emirates is planning to launch Dubai-Panama route which is planned to begin service from mid-March 2016 but even that flight at 8588 miles and 17.5hrs of flight time will not be able to beat this planed route. In the past running such long route flights such as the one from Singapore to New York used to be more out of necessity but now its become more about bragging rights and leading the pack are the Middle East airlines who have nothing to lose in this game. From a travelling perspective even though the flights may be bearable in Business and First class but definitely not worth pushing it in the Economy where the seat pitches are already bordering insanity.

gcmap longest flight qatar


I am torn between a such ultra long non-stop flights where you end up spending almost an entire day in the plane which may leave you a bit exhausted at the end of the day or taking connecting flights where missing even one connection can wreck havoc over all your meticulous planning. What would you choose and why? Let me know in the comments below.

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