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AMEX and Toronto Pearson in a unique partnership

AMEX privileges itself on exclusivity, doesn’t matter whether it’s exclusively high transaction charges or the amount of privileges it offers to its customers. I am a big fan of AMEX and enjoy the way they offer such a unique outstanding experience to their customers. Their Membership rewards program is one of the best programs to earn miles and avail related benefits such as AMEX lounges and Travel benefits. Continuing with the theme is the partnership AMEX has forged an exclusive partnership with Toronto Pearson airport whereby to market itself and show what special it has to offer across the range of its products. AMEX is offering free downloads of e-books, Wi-Fi to all the airport passengers, exclusive lounge access which is similar to the AMEX lounges…

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Make the most of your credit card’s extended warranty

Most of us are so focused on the earning capabilities of our credit cards that we sometimes end up forgetting the not so visible benefits of our cards. One such sweet benefit is the extended warranty on our qualifying purchases. Over the years I have personally had the credit card provided extended come to rescue in times when my gadgets or daily drivers have suddenly died on me for no rhyme or reason. The important aspect is that the cards usually cover most of the purchases that we would make and would usually have their original warranty which would get extended with these provisions. You can find more details about it from the card issuers like American Express, VISA and MasterCard. In case you guys…

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SAS Eurobonus points available at 40% discount

Star Alliance member SAS is offering Eurobonus points at 40% discount. These points do not count towards upgrade to the higher membership level in the Eurobonus program. There is no limit as to how many you can Buy and Gift. The catch here is that to be able to buy or receive points, there need to be at least one registered activity on the EuroBonus account. For the exact details you check out this link. The offer runs from September 3 to October 5,2011 and any valid MasterCard, Visa or AMEX credit card is acceptable. The buying chart looks something like this: In my opinion the US Airways Grand Slam is a better offer when it comes to getting miles for Star Alliance but for people outside the…

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