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Are cockpit selfies making flying riskier?

There has been a lot of talk about cockpit safety in wake of recent incidents and how advent in technology is bringing more distractions for the crew. There have been incidents that have shown how even the trained crew are unaware that they maybe breaking the rules. Quartz ran an interesting piece illustrating how cockpit crew was blatantly clicking selfies all the while when it is expected that the cockpit should be sterile. As explained in the article this has been a cause of catastrophic accidents at times and it is only bound to get worse as and how technology invades every possible space in our lives. They also published a follow up about the rules in places from FAA and European agencies about the…

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Hilton and ANA come together to provide enriching travel experience

Hilton and ANA have gotten together to provide a customized lounge and in-flight services catering to the needs of both business and leisure travelers. The tie-up named as “Experience More” is intended to utilize Hilton’s hospitality experience in re-shaping the ANA lounge and in-flight services experience for its customers thereby trying to bring the best of both the worlds together. The initial phase of this partnership will run from June 1 to August 31, 2015 and will be targeting ANA lounges in Haneda and Narita and the flights from Tokyo to Honolulu. The benefits listed are as follows: “Lounge Experience: The travelers’ journeys begin following the check-in at the airport, as they enter the ANA lounges in Haneda or Narita airport in Japan Guests will…

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ANA brings Star Wars themed jet on the B787

You may have seen EVA Air Hello Kitty jet, the Air New Zealand All Blacks and many more but nothing beats the charm of a seeing a Star Wars jet come to life. ANA has decided to paint its upcoming B787-9 in the R2-D2 theme, this project is part of the 5 year ANA strategy which will help ANA connect Japan to the other global locations via its expanding network. The airline intends to start flying the jet starting this autumn. The campaign page for the ANA Star Wars project which has more details about the idea can be found here ANA also has a neat technical page explaining all the battery issues and the subsequent work done to make sure safety of the passengers…

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ANA places $16.6 billion order for 70 planes

After months of hectic negotiations, ANA seems to have finally made up its mind to place an order for 70 planes worth $16.6 billion at list prices. The order consists of 40 planes for Boeing and 30 for Airbus. The Boeing order consists of 20 777-9X, 14 787-9 and 6 777-300ER and 7 A320neo along with 23 A321neo. The planes which will be delivered from 2016 to 2027 are aimed at replacing the existing A320/21, 737-500 and A320ceo. This is also the biggest buy in carrier’s history. Adding up to the previous total the ANA total orders for the 787 series now stands at 80. With rapid modernization, both ANA and JAL are trying to capitalize on the growth in the Asian markets and putting…

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