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A320neo facing production issues?

Airbus’s top seller seems to be facing some production issues even before it can be inducted by the airlines in their fleet. Initially news came in about Lufthansa being the launch customer for the aircraft replacing Qatar. Now we are hearing that Indian customers, Indigo and GoAir have also expressed reservations about the delivery schedule of the A320neo aircrafts. The airlines have commented that they are not confident about when will Airbus be able to start the deliveries of the latest generation aircraft to them. Indigo which is the largest acquirer of the aircraft model seems to be hit hardest should these delays pile up. The major cause of these issues is the new Pratt and Whitney engine which has been blamed to be having issues…

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What does DGCA report reveal about state of India based airlines?

India based airlines can rarely be classified as truly low-cost carriers (LCC) and this is due to a mixture of the following facts: Government policy which does not allow spilt up pricing of each part such as baggage and other add-ons similar to what the Ryanair’s and Air Asia’s of the world do. Lack of availability or permission to use secondary airports where airport charges are a fraction of the big airports. It is due to continued policy paralysis that hasn’t allowed development of new airports in decades and has disallowed any up-gradation of other airfields that could be used by such carriers. Instead the government has always played catch up by using airstrips meant for defence use which results in further congestion and lack…

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Indigo named in the Most Innovative companies list

Ever since I took my first flight with Indigo in August of 2006, I have been charmed by their efficiency and how they have been very using their innovative solutions to ensure consistent profitability in the chaotic Indian aviation sector. Recognizing this fact IndiGo has been named on the Most Innovative companies list by FastCompany ranked in 9th place. IndiGo has been at the forefront of innovation bringing in concepts like efficient fleet management and operational efficiencies which have yielded them excellent results and have also become the defining norms for every airline intending to operate in the Indian travel space which has traditionally been the fiefdom of mismanaged airlines like Air India, Kingfisher and Jet Airways. Now bear in mind that IndiGo isn’t like…

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Jet Airways and IndiGo pull out inventory from

If you are planning a trip to India and use to book your travel, be warned. Jet Airways and IndiGo which among themselves fly nearly 50% of domestic traffic in India have pulled out their inventory from the travel site protesting the so called ‘opaque fare’ scheme the site was running. To give a brief background about the ‘opaque scheme’ the travel sites in India which were stuck with the loads of the ailing Kingfisher Airlines tickets offered heavily discounted air tickets without disclosing the airline name until the payment was made. However, the country’s aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) directed all airlines to immediately withdraw participation from such schemes through a directive on March 28, 2012 as they do…

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Kingfisher’s air viability under question

As per Kingfisher’s annual report for the year ended March 31, 2011, the airline is in dire need of funds to keep going. Saddled  with huge debt and mounting losses, the airline has been finding it tough to raise money in the current market conditions. The airline had planned to raise $250-$350 million through an issue of global depositary receipts in January 2011 but it turned out to be a non-starter. Even though Kingfisher cut its debt through a restructuring by issuing shares to 14 banks which as of today own 29 percent of Kingfisher and has obtained approval from its board for equity infusion, the shareholders are highly worried about the operational sustainability of the airline which has led to  its market value slumping to under…

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